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The rules, regulations and specification set forth in this rule book for The Legion Speedway will become effective as of the date of publication of these rules, determined by the date of the first mailing. These rules, which constitute the laws and regulations that govern the operation of THE LEGION SPEEDWAY, have been compiled after careful consideration of guidelines that will best insure safe, competitive and affordable race events. At any time, should it become necessary in the interest of the race show itself. THE LEGION SPEEDWAY reserves the right to modify, add or delete any rule(s) or specifications. The administration of THE LEGION SPEEDWAY asks and recommends that you carefully read this rule book in detail, page by page, in order to become familiar with each and every rule governing the operation of THE LEGION SPEEDWAY. Best wishes and best of luck to all for a safe, successful and victorious race season.


The rules and/or regulations and specifications set forth in this rule book are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements of such events. These rules will govern the condition of all THE LEGION SPEEDWAY events, and by participating in these events all competitors and their associates are required to comply with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of, or in compliance with, these rules and/or regulations and specifications. The rules within this book are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others.


Since it would be impractical and nearly impossible to list within the confines of any rule book, all the modifications, adaptations, and infractions that could and would be illegal, it shall be understood for the purpose of the rule enforcement that only those items that are specified within this book are allowable and permissible. In addition, THE LEGION SPEEDWAY management holds the rights to suspend, eject, and/or withhold purse and points from anyone who violates these rules. In all decisions and rulings, the rules and guidelines set forth in this book will supersede those of any other sanctioning body's rules and guidelines.


Any incident not covered by these rules and regulations may be decided upon by THE LEGION SPEEDWAY management and made a rule for the remainder of the season.




1st Place-3 Points     2nd Place - 2 points     3rd Place - 1 Point


1st Place -20 Points

2nd Place - 19 Points

3rd Place -18 Points

4th Place -17 Points

5th Place - 16 Points

6th Place -15 Points

7th Place - 14 Points

8th Place -13 Points

9th Place -12 Points

10th Place -11 Points


11th Place -10 Points

12th Place - 9 Points

13th Place -8 Points

14th Place -7 Points

15th Place - 6 Points

16th Place -5 Points

17th Place - 4 Points

18th Place -3 Points

19th Place -2 Points

20th Place -1 Point


The flagman and the track management shall be responsible for the enforcement of the flag and track rules. If any driver disobeys any flag, he/she will forfeit his/her points and/or purse for the meet.


The green flag shall start all races and means the track is clear. On the original line, no passing will be allowed before the cars pass the flag stand. Any car that sets out of line or jumps the flag by passing a car before reaching the flag stand on original starts or by passing before the green flag is thrown on a restart shall be penalized two positions for each car passed. This penalty will be imposed at the completion of the race.


The yellow flag means caution, the track is not clear. When the caution flag is displayed, drivers will have to slow down, fall into a single line, bumper-to-bumper with no passing.


The display of the white flag means that there is one lap to go.


A rolled black flag will be shown to a driver as a warning for possible infractions.


The full black flag means go to the pits IMMEDIATELY. This flag, when given to a driver, must be obeyed IMMEDIATELY. The flagman will use this flag for disqualification's or infraction of rules or hazardous mechanical problems, i.e. flat tire, excessive smoke, loose or lost bumper, etc. If it is for a mechanical problem you may fix it and return to competition, you will receive points/money. If it is for Driving conduct you can not return to competition and will not receive points/money. FLAGMANS DISCRETION


The red flag means danger and all drivers must stop at once. STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!! When the red flag or red light is displayed, all cars must STOP, regardless of position on the track, so that the track is clear for the ambulances, fire trucks, and wrecker crews. Failure to stop will result in disqualification and possibly a suspension.


The blue with orange stripe flag is the passing flag. This flag is given to cars that are being lapped. The lapped driver shall HOLD HIS LINE until lapping car or cars have passed.


This will indicate to the drivers that we are halfway through the race. These flags will be a reminder to all drivers that all restart positions will now fall under the RESTARTS RULE on page 5


These flags will indicate that there are TWO (2) laps to go until the completion of the race.


When the checkered flag is given to the first car, the race is officially over and all cars will go to the pits upon completion of that lap, with the exception of the top three positions during a feature race only. These drivers will stay on the track to receive their awards/trophies.


NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS ALLOWED ON THE PREMISES. Suspension for the entire season will be applied. Track officials may, at any time, require a physical exam or substance test before allowing drivers to compete. Judgment by the ambulance crew or police will be final without recourse. A refusal will result in a dismissal for that race event. The ambulance crew shall have the final decision whether a driver can compete or has to go to the hospital. NON-COMPLIANCE WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION. An official hospital release will be needed to compete again.

Video cameras are allowed for YOUR viewing pleasure ONLY. Please DO NOT approach officials with videos. An official's call is FINAL. This could be considered creating a hostile environment and would be referred to the rules regarding fights. Waste oil barrels have been provided for proper disposal of used oil in the pit area. Any team that leaves oil in containers or is found to be dumping oil in any place other than those barrels shall be fined $50.00 for the first offense. The track management shall determine a greater second offense penalty. Fines must be paid before any member of the team may compete or enter the pit area again. This rule will be STRICTLY enforced. NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

In order to be eligible for any special incentive awards or race programs, a driver must have completed or attempted to compete in at least one (1) week greater than half the season of all THE LEGION SPEEDWAY race meets trough the date of the conclusion of the season.




It is the goal of the staff and management to provide motor competition in a reasonably safe facility and under reasonably safe conditions. If, in the opinion and judgment of the management, any individual or individuals in any form or procedure of competition presents harm or danger to anyone, the management maintains the right, at any time, to suspend, restrict, or ban driver, owner, team, team member, or any person(s), in the interest and consideration of providing safe racing conditions for the majority of competitors, spectators and staff. The decision of the competitor to race implies his/her agreement to abide by all the rules and decisions enforcing the rules. All drivers are responsible for their pit crews and team members. If this is not followed to the fullest drivers could face possible suspension.


Our liability insurance insures the racetrack, the car owner, driver, and sponsors. For example: If a wheel came off your racecar and injured a spectator who filed a suit against you, the car owner, or the sponsors with their names on your racecar or track, etc., they will be covered by our liability insurance within our limits.


When involved in an accident involving an injury to yourself, advise the racing officials immediately so that the necessary insurance reporting will be accomplished. NO claims will be considered unless reported prior to leaving the speedway property that day and examined by the EMT's. Contact the pit steward and give him/her a full report before you leave the speedway. If you are physically unable to do this yourself, your crew must be responsible for this report.


In the event of an accident, the EMT must examine the driver or drivers involved. If you leave the scene of an accident without being checked out by the EMT under a red flag condition then you are black flagged from that event and will receive last place points. The EMT will decide whether the driver is able to race or be brought to the hospital for further treatment.


There will be no excessive speed or unruly behavior in the pits. Points may be taken at the pit steward's discretion. Cars may only enter the track with permission of the pit steward or the flagman. All safety equipment must be in its appropriate area when entering the track.


There will be NO fighting or arguing with track officials, other drivers, or pit crews. This includes entering any other pit space other than your own with this intent. Penalties will be dealt at the pit steward's discretion. NO ONE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE IS ALLOWED TO ENTER THE SCORING TOWER, AT ANY TIME.


There will be no repairs made to your car anywhere other than your pit area. Any car exiting the race track at anytime before of after the green flag is thrown automatically goes to the rear of the field. Three (3) spin-outs or failure to yield under a yellow flag may bring out the black flag at the flagman's discretion. NO mirrors or two-way radios are allowed in any division. Gasoline fuels only allowed. Mufflers are mandatory in every division.


Any driver under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian to operate a racecar at THE LEGION SPEEDWAY. Ages 16 and older will be allowed to race in any division.  Ages14 & 15 may compete in 4 cylinder class or enduros. NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 15 WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PITS, with the exception of drivers.


Door Numbers: Must be 18" in height and 3" in thickness. Roof Numbers: Must be 24" in height and 4" in thickness. Right front and left rear numbers: Must 6" in height and 1" in thickness.

Must be 1, 2, or 3 digit numbers only NO LETTERS for official number.

You may have a letter on your car but it will not be used by officials. EXAMPLE you may run 2B etc but you will be listed/scored  as 2 there will be no other 2 allowed, others may run 02 or 12 etc. 

All numbers and cars must be neat in appearance with no obscene gestures or comments at all times.


Weekly line-ups will be according to points - HIGH POINTS to the rear. Only first night events will be by drawing for position: straight up start. All starts will be inverted by point's standings, using driver's points, so that those drivers with the most amounts of accumulated points will start at the rear of the field, and those with the least will start at the front of the field. The feature winning driver will start behind the last point car in the next feature in which he/she competes. All new drivers, after the start of the season, will start at the rear of the field, behind the regular field cars with points for three (3) consecutive weeks. All cars must take the position in the line-up as assigned to them by the pit steward. If they do not do so, they may forfeit purse, points, and position for said race. If a driver has any POINT CORRECTIONS, THEY MUST PUT IT IN WRITING NO MORE THAN TWO RACE EVENTS AFTER THE QUESTIONED EVENT OR WE WILL CONSIDER THE POINTS OFFICIAL. No changes will be made after that time period.


All caution restarts and line-ups, for all cars involved in an accident and/or causes a caution flag will be realigned to the rear of the field for the restart. Those cars slowing or stopping to avoid the accident but NOT INVOLVED in the accident will get the position they had on the last completed lap under the green flag. There will be no racing back to the finish line when the yellow flag comes out.


After an event has reached halfway, line-up will be single file. FLAGMAN/RACE DIRECTOR MAY RESTART SINGLE FILE AT ANY TIME (officials discretion)


The pit meeting will take place at 4:45 PM. Any vehicle arriving after the start of the pit meeting will start at the rear of the field for their heats. Drivers failing to sign in will start at the rear of the line for the heat and feature for the night's events. Any NON Qualified CAR/DRIVER may start at the rear of the feature event, IF there is not a full field of cars in that event. The driver shall be the sole spokesman for the car owner and the pit crew in matters pertaining to any event. Owners, crew members, sponsors, spouses, any relative or associate of the driver may not represent a driver concern. NO CAR/DRIVER leaving the track may return to competition in a Qualifying event.


          Any car may be inspected or torn down for inspection, AT ANY TIME, upon the request of officials without cost to the track. Top three and a RANDOM Car are subject to an inspection after feature events. Drivers may have a car torn  down for inspection under the following rules:

          Protester must have been in the same feature event and division,

          Protestor must tear down his own car for same inspection  at no cost

          Protester must make the request in writing after the feature event and no longer than 15 minutes
after that feature event with a $275.00 cash deposit.

          If the car is found to be legal $200.00 goes to the tear down car, $75.00 to the driver's point fund.

          If the car is found to be illegal $200.00 goes to the protester, $75.00 goes to the driver's point fund.

          Two (2) people maximum, from the tear down car, will be responsible to do the mechanical work.

          The protester or designated representative ONLY may witness the tear down.

          Any car found to be illegal will forfeit; that events winnings, points, and trophy. They will start at the rear of the field the three (3) weeks after all corrections have been completed to the car.

          Refusal of the tear down will automatically find the car ILLEGAL.       


          Each car must be equipped with a fire extinguisher, securely installed in a quick release bracket within reach of the driver. Extinguishers must have a readable gauge with a minimum 2 Ib. dry charge. Extinguishers cannot be more than five (5) years old.

          All cars are required to have a removable steering wheel with an approved quick disconnect and steering wheel center pad. REMOVEABLE WHEEL IS OPTIONAL BUT highly recommended for 4cyl.

          Approved racing lap and shoulder harnesses with sub belt required. All mounting points must attach to the roll cage and seat bracket from the roll cage with a minimum grade 8 3/8 bolts. Track officials due to age or condition may reject harnesses.

          Aluminum racing seat is mandatory. Seat must bolt directly to the seat bracket from the roll cage with minimum grade 8 3/8 bolts. Track officials must approve installation.

          Fuel cells are mandatory and must be in a steel case with a rollover safety check valve in vent line. 4cyl may run optional  boat tank, MUST BE SECURELY MOUNTED IN TRUNK AND have a FULL STEEL FIREWALL ( MINIMUM 22 GAUGE)  BETWEEN TANK AND DRIVER

          All fuel lines passing through the driver's compartment must be enclosed in conduit, BX or Sealtite.

          Ignition and fuel pump switches within easy reach of the driver when strapped into the seat AND MUST BE CLEARY MARKED "ON" AND "OFF".

          Driver's suits are mandatory, SFI approved.

          All helmets must pass all safety requirements.

          Neck collar or helmet restrains are mandatory.

          All roll cage members are recommended to be padded.

          Super Streets and Four-cylinder Classes ONLY - Window nets are mandatory. No string types allowed.

          All vehicles will be equipped with at least three (3) working brakes. It does not matter which three (3) wheels.