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Please remember this division is intended to be an extremely affordable division of racing if you intend to spend a lot of money you should be racing in a different division


          Any American or foreign made hard-top sedan.

          No Camaros or Firebirds. No mid- or rear-engine cars. NO TRUCKS, Vans, SUV’s, or all wheel drive


          Cars must be neat  in appearance. Bodies may be cut and trimmed for clearances only.

          No gutting allowed, other than removal of interior, windows, window mechanism, driver and passenger door panels, inner front fenders, hood and trunk panels.

          Full stock front and rear fire walls in stock locations. Complete firewall between fuel cell and driver's compartment also required.

          Brake and gas pedals must remain in stock location.

          Front and rear tow chains are required.

          Pin fasteners required in any corner of the hood and trunk not attached by a hinge.

          Stock front and rear bumpers in stock location; may be home-made, but not excessive

          No trailer hitches.

          Battery must be securely mounted in a plastic case with a cover.

          Rub rails 2" max tight to body between front and rear tires. No sharp edges.


          All suspension components must remain stock and in stock location.


          Stock steel or after market steel allowed. Bead locks allowed.  1" lug nuts mandatory- on all wheels.

          Street legal D.O.T. steel belted radial tires only; no racing retreads, casing or compounds. No D.O.T. Compounds NO Hoosier / American Racer Etc.  Max tread width 8" No studded tires. Summer or snow tires - no overly aggressive tread. Check with tech to confirm legality of tires.


          Factory show stock for make and model of car.

          In 2008 no compression rule In 2009 season COMPRESSION LIMITED TO Max 10.0 TO 1 Legion Speedway Whistler gauge will be final on compression 9.5 TO 1 or less recommended

          No turbo's, superchargers, or rotary powered cars.

          All cars with electric fuel pump must have a shut off switch clearly marked.

          Stock carburetor, fuel injection or 350 CFM  Holley 2 barrel MUST PASS GUAGE INSPECTION.

          1" adapter plate allowed.

          Stock ignition only.

          Starter must be working. STOCK CLUTCH AND FLY WHEEL REQUIRED

          MAX OVER BORE .060.


          Max VALVE lift .450 measured at valve. AFTERMARKET TIMING GEARS ALLOWED

          Any 4 into 1 collector header allowed NO TRI Y HEADERS OR MERGE COLECTORS ALLOWED


          Round steel 1.500" X .095  tubing minimum for rear upright-driver's door bars-halo bar-front uprights.

          One bar at dash height tying two (2) uprights together. One bar behind driver tying two (2) uprights together.


          Fuel cell OR  boat tank is mandatory  equipped with a rollover safety check valve in vent line,  MUST BE SECURELY MOUNTED IN TRUNK AND BOAT TANK must have a FULL STEEL FIREWALL ( MINIMUM 22 GAUGE)  BETWEEN TANK AND DRIVER

          Cells must be SECURELY mounted in the center of the trunk

          Any fuel lines running through the driver's compartment must be in steel conduit, BX or Sealtite.

          Cars with electric fuel pump (STOCK ONLY) must be tied into ignition switch.