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OCT 6, 2007 Demo Derby Rules


  1.  Cars must be street type Hardtop- no T-Tops. Sunroofs must be covered with minimum 22 gauge steel. Driver must supply his own car
  2.  Must be 4 or 6 Cylinder
  3.  Any make automobile allowed, except NO Convertibles, Trucks, Limos, or Hearses.
  4. Driver must be 18 years old and have a valid drivers license.
  5. Driver must wear a regulation safety helmet (NO HALF HELMETS) and use factory installed or approved seat belts.
  6.  Battery-if relocated- Must be completely enclosed in a case and secured ONLY to passengers side floor. Keep cables away from sharp edges!
  7.  ALL Glass and Upholstery MUST be removed - Including rugs and headliners. Driver's side door inner panel may remain as protection for driver.
  8. Bumpers and body must remain stock. No reinforcing  of fenders allowed. No towing brackets, latches, or bars allowed at rear of car. All cars must have original bumpers firmly mounted to compete in all events.
  9.  All exterior moldings, lighting fixtures, mirrors, front grill (if plastic) and hub caps must be removed. Cars must be clean inside of debris (NO GLASS!!!) or they will not be allowed to compete! Trunks must be clean no trash left inside.
  10.  Gas tanks may remain in stock location. IF relocated, original type tanks cannot be used. Only small gas tanks of 5 gallons or less are permitted. Boat tanks preferred. Tanks must be relocated to inside the trunk area , And be secured properly with a sheet metal wall separating the trunk and passengers compartment. No more than Five (5)  gallons of gas will be allowed in any car. Fuel lines must travel under the car ONLY.  OPTIONAL 5 gallon tank may be placed in front of rear axel but must be behind FRONT SEAT AREA. MUST BE FULLY ENCLOSED WITH SHEETMETAL to separate tank from drivers compartment.
  11.  Rollover bars are allowed. No bars allowed on outside of car or into trunk and engine compartment.
  12.  ALL SAFETY AIR BAGS must be disconnected.
  13.  ALL doors must be strapped, wired, bolted, or welded shut. Driver's door must be padded inside.
  14.  Numbers must be painted on both sides of car doors and on trunk and must be 24 inches high and 4 inches wide. (You may choose any number).
  15. Carburetor Air-Cleaners CANNOT be removed! Air filter element MUST REMAIN
  16.  Hood CANNOT be welded shut. 12 inch hole MUST be placed in hood on side of air cleaner for access for fires.
  17. Drivers MUST make contact with another car every 30 SECONDS or they will be subject to disqualification at the discretion of the starter.
  18. NO Head-on collisions or deliberate hitting on driver's door allowed.
  19. NO stripping of vehicles allowed on Speedway grounds!
  20. NO PARTICIPANTS ARE ALLOWED TO CONSUME ANY BEER OR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. The police will evict anyone doing so. Violators will also be refused to compete in future events.
  21. NO Donut Tires


NOTICE: Due to past problems it is necessary to implement the following rules:



  1.                   NO RADIOS, CELL PHONES etc. ALLOWED
  2.             NO  buying or selling of cars on premises allowed  
  3.                   The registered car owner can only take cars off the premises within a 30 minute period after conclusion of the program.
  4.                   Cars remaining on premises after the 30 minute period WILL become the property of LEGION SPEEDWAY.
  5.                     The grounds WILL be PROMPTLY CLEARED after the show - NO LOITERING will be allowed